We have been screening documentary films regularly for last 19 years. There are several brilliant documentaries and other films that we screen  in practically any space we are offered. Monthly public screenings takes place at regular venues.  Connect with us if you have made a documentary that you’d like us to screen!

In Solidarity : A festival of films by Saba Dewan and Rahul Roy

24 Oct (Sat) from 6 PM, For 48 hrs

THE FACTORY | 132 minutes | 2015 | Hindi,EST

147 workers of India’s biggest automobile manufacturing company Marut Suzuki are on trial for the murder of a senior manager and 2500 workers dismissed. It has been two and a half years and the case drags on. Their bail application has been rejected by the courts. On each court hearing they are led to the court room by the police while families line up to catch a glimpse. The defence lawyers plan their strategy in the court canteen. Justice seems a dim hope. The film follows the fate of the under-trial workers, families and dismissed workers to investigate the underbelly of industrial conflict and the elusive nature of justice.

please follow this link to watch the film

31st Oct (Sat) from 6 PM , For 48 hrs

SITA’S FAMILY | 58 mts | 2002 | Hindi-English, EST

 Sita’s Family explores memory and the mysterious ways in which it is transmitted from mothers to daughters. It is about the family, the primary site of struggle for women and it is about the outside, forbidden territory to be negotiated at considerable peril.

TPlease folow this link to watch the film